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Quality Chimney Inspections

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Your fireplace builds up a lot of soot and debris over time. This impacts performance – or worse – it leads to fires. Finding a trusted chimney inspector in your area can be tough – but keeping your chimney safe and clean so you can enjoy your fireplace (worry-free) is what is most important.

Besides offering great value, Quality Roofing & Chimney offers advice. Whether you’re buying, selling or renovating a house, it pays to have a comprehensive chimney inspection of your fireplace and chimney. A typical home inspector does not check these areas and has escape clauses to protect themselves. We will advise you as to the needs of your chimney (and the costs to bring it up to code).

When choosing an inspector, it’s wise to find one with a higher level of certification – one capable of executing Level 2 or 3 chimney inspections, if needed. If the inspector is not qualified for higher levels of inspection, they’ll need to call another inspector, which delays the process and costs more because the next inspector has to reinspect the chimney.

Another consideration is if the inspector can complete the repairs. At Quality Roofing & Chimney, we’re often asked to quote on repairs suggested by other inspectors. We cannot rely on their inspection and suggestions of this other inspector. We must first do our own inspection to know that nothing was missed; this, again, is not cost or time effective.

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