Quality Roofing And Chimney

Quality Roofing And Chimney

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Quality Roofing Services

Do you need a roof repair? A simple roof inspection will reveal opening seams, shingles displaced by wind or animals and other roof problems we can repair.

Ready to upgrade your house’s appeal? A new, high-quality roof improves a home’s appearance, curb appeal, property value and energy efficiency.

So many choices now: Flat, asphalt composite, shingles, metal shingles, cedar shakes and clay tile now all come is a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. 

Humble roof flashing is the most important component of your roof. It, too, now comes in a wide variety of materials, colors and styles. Do not neglect your flashing. Ever. 

Is your chimney looking a little scary? Chimney repairs are an occasional – but necessary – part of your home’s safety and maintenance program.

A new chimney flue or liner repair r or replacement will add that extra special finishing touch to your house! A new chimney flue and liner adds safety, too. 

Just as many new chimney design choices…. Types, materials and styles of chimneys vary and may look different (depending on the type of house or roof).

Chimney flashing sits at the chimney base. It’s a deterrent that provides a seal between the chimney and roof. Chimney flashing is vital to be inspected.