Quality Roofing And Chimney

Quality Roofing And Chimney

Quality Roofing And Chimney

The Finest Roofing And Chimneys For The Finest Long Island Homes

Quality Roofing
& Chimney

The Finest Roofing And Chimneys For The Finest Long Island Homes

Roofing & Chimney Services


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Roof Repairs

Whether your leaky roof resides in Nassau County, Suffolk County, or a quaint Long Island neighborhood, we consistently deliver secure and efficient roof restoration services to ensure your Long Island residence remains dry and worry-free. Whether you're dealing with damaged shingles or a leaking roof, don't hesitate to give us a call!

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacements

Selecting a newer, more dependable, and secure roof is paramount for your future, your family's well-being and the peak performance of your Long Island residence. Moreover, with a plethora of new roof styles available today, you have numerous options to explore. Call us today to learn more about your roof replacement options.

Expert Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs

Our skilled chimney artisans and experts take great satisfaction in providing high-caliber chimney restorations, having successfully completed projects on more than 1,000 chimneys throughout Long Island during the last 23 years. Whether it's a freestanding chimney, a brick chimney, or a prefab chimney, count on us to make the necessary repairs!

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Chimney Replacements

When your deteriorating chimney brick, chimney masonry or prefab chimney demands either a thorough reconstruction or an entire replacement - rest assured that we are here to address your failing chimney's needs - comprehensively. Our seasoned chimney specialists are committed to ensuring a chimney repair job well done.

Your Roof Is The First Thing They See... How Does Yours Look?

We specialize in installing dramatic new roofs that’ll have your LI house back to its old, stunning self.

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About Quality Roofing & Chimney

Quality Roofing & Chimney stands as a seasoned, residential, and commercial roofing and chimney repair company, proudly serving communities across Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island for over 23 years.

Since our modest beginnings in 2000, our locally rooted, family-operated team of roofing and chimney professionals has engaged in a wide spectrum of roofing tasks, ranging from rectifying issues with loose roofing shingles and chimney structures to the installation of brand-new tile roofs and comprehensive chimney system replacements.

If you’re prepared to embark on the journey of planning your roof repair or replacement, entrust this significant investment in your home to Quality Roofing & Chimney. Our enduring presence in the industry attests to our unwavering commitment to excellence in roofing and chimney services.

Exquisite Roofing Products

Chimney Caps & Chimney Crowns

Do you notice your chimney cap or crown displaying signs of wear and tear, potentially allowing leaks and weather-related damage? Is unwanted water infiltrating your furnace or walls? If you’re facing such issues, it may be high time to consider replacing that aging chimney cap. At Quality Roofing and Chimney, we offer swift chimney cap and crown replacement services, often completing the task within just one day. Additionally, we can address the condition of your chimney flashing, which is likely suffering from age-related deterioration just like your chimney cap. These essential repairs will effectively halt further damage. Don’t delay; reach out to Quality today at 631.949.8227 to schedule your chimney repair and safeguard your property from further harm!

If you’re ready to start planning your chimney cap or crown today,  then trust the work to Quality Roofing & Chimney. We wouldn’t have lasted 23 years if we were not the best.

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Impeccable Chimney Services

Quality R&C Client Testimonials

“The best roofing contractor I could have hired! I'm a single woman - who contractors usually try to take advantage of. Tony was just the opposite. He explained every option I needed to think about. The job was done perfectly, not cutting any corners. The price was fair..”
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Lisa K.
"The Quality roofers did a nice, precise, professional job and they cleaned up after the job was done. They were also careful not to damage any of my plants along the sides of the house. I can recommend these guys.
They were good."
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Anthony R
"Thank you to Tony and Tommy's crew. They did a great job re-roofing my house. They were polite, professional, courteous and had a real concern for my satisfaction that far exceeded my expectations You can be sure that my husband Keith and I will recommend Quality Roofing to everyone we know."
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Sandra Esporedo
"We contacted Tony in late July. He came and gave an estimate that was reasonable considering all the work needed. Our roof was slate and he replaced it with asphalt. The whole job was done professionally and we have no complaints. We would recommend him without question."
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Laci W